Review: Kodak TMax P3200

One of my favorite things about B&W film is in its simplicity and not needing to worry about filters when the conditions are anything other than daylight for purposes of white balancing. Often times, when I’m shooting indoors, I don’t have much if any natural light. More often than not when I’m shooting indoors, I can’t count on a lot of natural light and 400 speed film is too slow. In comes 3200 speed film. It’s great. I always have some in the freezer.  

The only downside is the fact that it’s only available in 35mm. And even then that’s not that big of a deal. finger’s crossed they eventually come out with it in 120 Between this stock and Illford Delta 3200 in 35mm, I couldn’t suggest this stock more. While the grain is a bit more than I would expect from a 400 speed film, it’s far and away better than Illford’s alternative in terms of grain and feel.

At this point, I almost always have a roll of it in one of my two Nikon F2s. While I’ve experimented with it outdoors for a few frames of each roll, I’ve never really been that impressed. I had a difficult time getting the shots to not be too bright and it loses some of the texture I have to love it for.