Review: Fuifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 800

One of the primary reasons I started this site was for a lack of a information on the web that provided film reviews from one person – I always found forums and flickr to have to much variety.  On filckr in particular, photos ranged from terrible pictures that makes one wonder if the photographer knew how to use a meter or if the photo was taken by a professional and all of their pictures look amazing.  One site I look to a lot is Alex Burke’s (his work is amazing and I have learned a lot from reading through it) but I sometimes found it frustrating that some film stocks he reviewed were discontinued.

With all that said, let me talk about the film stock that got me back into film photography.  It was cheap, widely availble, and came in rolls of 24exp so I could shoot through them quickly and get them developed the same day.  Was great for someone transitioning back into film after owning a digital camera for years.

I won’t talk to much about it because there isn’t much else to say.  It’s discontinued.  Even when it was sold, it was cheap and didn’t have any of the personality and capabilites of any of the more popular stocks.  I found the colors to be really saturated for my taste and it wasn’t the sharpest film I’ve come to learn.  But that’s okay.  Cheap doesn’t have to mean great.  What is that saying about food? It can be fast, good, or cheap- or  a combination of two but never all three. This film was fast and it was cheap.  But I think calling it good would have been a stretch.

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